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Your Subconscious is Controlling Your Life (but you can learn how to control it)


Above the water the tip of the iceberg looks like the whole iceberg. It seems whole and complete. Yet if you were able to see below the water, you’d discover the vast majority of the iceberg is hidden below the surface. It’s this submerged part that moves through the water and determines where the tip of the iceberg travels.


This conscious part is your thinking self, it’s the part of your mind reading this article right now. It can think logically and rationally. It understands time in terms of past, present and future. It can be creative. It tends to think it knows all of its self and believes it's in control. Your conscious mind IS awesome, but it’s limited. It can only focus on one or two things at once. For example, you’re in the middle of cooking dinner, the kids are screaming, someone knocks on the door and suddenly dinner’s burnt.

Your conscious mind is great for helping you learn new things like driving. Do you remember when you were learning to drive? You had to concentrate to change gears, guide the steering, check the mirrors, and change lanes. It took every ounce of your conscious mind to focus on what you were doing to make it work.

Since learning to drive you don’t have concentrate as hard. You may even have found yourself pulling into your driveway and not remembering the drive home. You can’t remember driving because your conscious mind was busy thinking about something else. When your conscious mind is distracted, the subconscious steps in and runs the show.


Your conscious mind “the tip of the iceberg” is experiencing the ride. It’s your subconscious mind “the submerged part of the iceberg” that’s carrying you through life. And it is the vast majority of your psyche.

Unlike the conscious mind, your subconscious cannot think logically or rationally. It can’t tell the difference between past and present. It’s full of automatic programs that kick in whenever triggered.

Your subconscious is full of programs it's learnt through repeated exposure and repetition. This allows your conscious mind to be distracted while your subconscious steps in.


We take on most of these automatic programs in early childhood. Between the ages of roughly two and seven, we’re almost permanently in a subconscious brainwave state. This allows us as children to absorb incredible amounts of information and learn quickly. When we say children are like sponges - it's because they are.

We have millions of programs in our subconscious. Many of these programs are essential to our lives such as language, walking and eating. However, some of our programs are sabotaging. Sabotaging programs create limiting beliefs that have a negative influence our lives.

For example, as children we’re learning about relationships, our place in the world, our value and worth. If you happened to grow up in a household where children were seen and not heard, your subconscious may have formed a belief that “My voice isn’t important”, or “No one values what I have to say”. Then as an adult you might you find it difficult to speak up, even in situations where its imperative you use your voice such as when you’re being mistreated. When you try to force your voice, you may find your knees go weak, or your throat constricts, or your voice wobbles. Even though your conscious mind wants your voice to be heard, the subconscious is saying you can't have it. Your subconscious expresses itself through feelings in your body, and your body will let you down.

Once you reprogram your subconscious and switch out your limiting beliefs about being heard to empowering ones like “I deserve to be heard,” "I'm worthy of being listened to", "what I have to say is valuable", you’ll feel able speak up and communicate freely, and your subconscious and bodily feelings will work to support what your conscious mind wants.

Our subconscious programs are not just from childhood and repetition and taking on family patterns. We can also develop immediate and crippling limiting beliefs from experiences of shock and trauma. These can create debilitating programs in your subconscious as it attempts to avoid that unsafe experience happening again. However, they can all be changed.

Changing these sabotaging programs means changing the subconscious. Techniques like The Belief Switch connect your conscious to your subconscious through mindfulness, breathing and body awareness. By then creating the healing and shift in the subconscious, limiting beliefs can be switched for empowering ones, and profound changes in perceptions and behaviours can be created. Thus giving you the freedom to choose the paths you take in life rather than being directed by your past.

We can teach you how to identify YOUR specific limiting beliefs AND more importantly


The Belief Switch teaches you to program your subconscious to believe exactly what YOU want it to. First, and most importantly, we use kinesiology muscle testing to identify the exact limiting beliefs your programming is running, so we know what needs to be switched out. Then we use breathwork and eye movement and body awareness to switch out those limiting beliefs for empowering ones. The Belief Switch program is intensive and designed to catapult you toward change and success in all areas of your life, because when you change your beliefs, you change everything.

Join Amy & Michael for The Belief Switch, a 12 week online course beginning with a 2 day in-person intensive

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