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About Us

We live in Cairns in tropical north Queensland, Australia. We're married with four amazing kids in our wonderful blended family, and two much-loved labradoodles Honey and Boof.  We're real people with real lives who've lived, made mistakes, learnt, kept going. We've had great joys and sadness's. We've been through mismatched marriages, children, divorce, remarriage, parenting, step-parenting, kids growing up and leaving home. We've lost loved ones to cancer and suicide and car accidents. We've travelled, we've changed directions.  We've had our own health issues, we've asked questions, we've struggled to find answers. We've healed. 


We know that life's a messy thing with great highs, great lows and unavoidable risks. This is what makes living such a rich experience and such a valuable thing.  If you try and avoid all this, you avoid living at all. We believe the only real choice is to embrace it. To find and love your true self within. From there you find your inner peace and your life's purpose, and you can ride this journey of life fully present and engaged with it.


We're soulmates and we love what we do. Between us we have spent more than 40 years exploring and questioning health, healing, spirituality and the nature of life. We get so much joy helping people find purpose and meaning and peace in their lives. It is a real honour to be able to work with and help people in the way we do. The Belief Switch is the joint culmination of our work together and exploration of consciousness. We are passionate about teaching people the potential available when you combine conscious intent with subconscious awareness using the phenomenal tool of kinesiology muscle testing. When you learn how to identify and switch your limiting subconscious beliefs for empowering ones, your life changes in the most amazing ways.

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