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Sessions with Amy

I help people find and heal the underlying cause of the issues they're facing.


I'm a holistic therapist and kinesiologist working with the mind-body-spirit connection because you are not separate, unrelated bits. Everything within you influences everything else.


People come to see me for many reasons. Some know they have unresolved issues from their past, some people want to explore and know more about who we are and what life is. Others have physical disease or pain that they're wanting to heal. 


Sue* had chronic back pain for 10 years. Extensive medical tests and physical therapy treatments provided no relief. The day after working with me she messaged me saying she slept through the night and woken pain free for the first time in 10 years! 


How did we do it? Using The Belief Switch program Michael and I developed, kinesiology muscle testing, and guiding her to feel into the pain with visualisation techniques, we identified the emotional pain trapped in her body, and reframed her perception of that past experience.

*name changed

Healing and releasing the emotional pain meant it was no longer there, trapped as stress and tension in her body, causing physical pain.  We can't change the past, but we can help you change the way your perceive the past, and therefore what you are carrying from it. This is a profound way to approach healing, and I see  it create amazing results every week. 


Who do I work with? 

  • People who have physical issues and disease that they want to understand and heal the cause of.

  • People with past trauma they want to heal from, such as sexual abuse, abusive relationships, childhood issues, physical trauma and more.

  • People who feel stuck, blocked, limited and sabotaged, and want to free themselves from whatever's holding them back.

  • People wanting a deeper understanding of life and it's purpose

  • People wanting to explore spiritual reality through past life regression



Make an Appointment

I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm


I see people in person at our clinic in Brinsmead, Cairns,

or via Facetime, phone or Zoom.


Appointments can be made via our online booking system by clicking the

"book now" button at the top or bottom of this page,

or by phoning 0402 759 726. 

Alternatively you can email me at 


Session fees 

Adults (in person or online)

Initial 1.5hr kinesiology $175

Follow up 1hr kinesiology $120

Children's kinesiology

Initial session 1hr $120

Follow up 30min $70

Payments may be made via EFTPOS, credit card or cash.


Cancellation Policy

You can change or reschedule your appointment yourself using the link 

provided in your confirmation email if you need to up to 24 hrs before your session. However cancellations with less than 24 hours notice often mean that someone else misses out on a session while we are waiting here with our time set aside unable to help anyone. Therefore cancellations or appointment changes with less than 24 hours notice incur a 50% fee. Cancellations within 2 hours of the appointment or failure to show will incur the full session fee. These fees will need to be paid before another appointment can be made. 

About Me

I have been studying and exploring natural therapies and healing since 1996.  Before settling on Kinesiology as my primary modality, I studied other natural healing therapies including Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and different energetic and spiritual healing techniques, including Reconnective Healing. I choose to practice the way I do because I have repeatedly seen it create the most profound healing experiences for both myself and others. I established Life Tree Natural Therapies in 2005, originally practicing kinesiology in Sydney, and have been practicing as a kinesiologist in Cairns since 2007. 


I consider it to be an absolute honour to be able to do this work, and my life is blessed by the stories and journeys I watch my clients take and the transformations they undergo. My promise to you is that I will treat you as the individual you are. I will draw on all of my skills in holistic healing to offer you the best of my capabilities, to help identify for you where the root cause of your issues are arising from, and empower you to take control and create your own health and well being. I look forward to working with you soon. 

My family's journey with Amy & Michael began some years back when my little family was in crisis after the death of my husband. I felt broken and our boys were struggling with grief and anger. Amy was recommended to me on a number of occasions and I am so glad I finally made an appointment.  Amy is an extremely intuitive therapist. She assisted me to discontinue antidepressants and get to the cause of my panic attacks and crippling anxiety.  Her professionalism is underpinned by years of experience, study and real emotional intelligence. I am absolute when I say that Amy made a difference to my life and that of my family. I continue to refer friends to both Amy and Michael.  I always get a big Thank-you! 

- Lisa Frith, Registered Nurse

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