Whether you have ever contemplated this vital energy or not, you know it intimately.  Without it you do not exist. There would be no witness to your life.  You physical form would just be individual atoms with no consciousness, and no connection to each other. If there was no vital energy, whether the atoms themselves would even exist is actually open to contention. This vital energy is what drives complexity. It is what defies entropy, the second law of thermodynamics.  It is the third ingredient that can take two separate cells (an egg and a sperm), make them one, make them two, make them fo...

We arrived at Safi’s house to find that his Mother and sisters had been preparing food all morning, and all of their friends were there waiting. We sat on Safi’s balcony eating the most delicious food all afternoon and well into the night. After an interesting translated conversation with Safi’s mum about my vegetarianism and yes, we were two single girls travelling on our own, neither of which were concepts she could comprehend, we were totally accepted. We were sitting amongst a group of friends, both Christian and Muslim, in a house riddled with shrapnel holes from the civil war. As darknes...

Mary* had been coming to see me regularly in clinic.  However progress was slow, and when one symptom resolved, another would pop up or an old one would return.  It appeared that she needed to be sick.  I eventually realised that Mary connected with her friends and her family by getting together and talking about their ailments.  Mary, in a spark of awareness stated, “If I’m well, I won’t have anything to talk about, and I’ll be all alone”.  It wasn’t a conscious choice, but the subconscious was sabotaging her attempts to get well, because the need to belong was stronger than the need to be he...

Ever really wondered why two people do exactly the same thing yet have opposite results? Or why two people decide to do the same thing yet only one ever follows through? That's because 95% of the time we are on autopilot and our autopilot is not programmed to follow what the conscious mind decides or wants.

Here is the crux of the divide between drug-based medicine, and holistic therapies. Holistic therapies perceive the phenomenon behind the placebo effect (the mind-body connection) to be its greatest strength.  Mainstream medicine perceives the same phenomenon to be its biggest threat.

One of the mechanisms our greater Being has to inform our conscious minds that there is something we need to look at, that we need to change and grow from, is dis-ease (and we hyphenate it like that to empathise that we don’t just mean medically diagnosable disease, we mean anything that makes you feel un-ease, that something is not quite right) When we experience dis-ease, we experience it for a reason.  Our bodies have these great mechanisms to ensure that we don’t miss out on the opportunities we’re given for learning.  As annoying as it is, what we don’t deal with at the time eventually co...

Have you ever found yourself standing with the fridge door open and your mouth full of chocolate, despite having sworn to yourself you weren’t going to have any until the weekend? Or you signed up to the gym full of good intentions to get fit and paid your 3 month membership, only to go once and never return? How about finding yourself in yet another dud relationship, swearing to yourself the next one will be different, only to attract the exact same kind of dysfunctional mess again? ​​ These kind of battles can leave us despairing. Making a decision with our minds; thinking, wishing, hoping...

Since we discovered there are way less genes than first expected, the field of epigenetics has grown.  Epigenetics literally translates to mean “above the genes”.  And epigenetics has shown that it is our ENVIRONMENT that affects the way our DNA is expressed.  So you may have a gene that has the potential to create a certain type of cancer cell.  But it will only do so if it is exposed to the ‘right’ kind of conditions, or environment.  So if it has a healthy environment, it will create a healthy cell, if it has an unhealthy environment, it will create an unhealthy cell.  Your DNA is just the...

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