What is the 'Energy' used in energy healing?

Energy. When we use this word in the context of energy healing, what is it we’re really talking about? The fascinating thing about language is that words are dependent on the intention you place on them. Energy is one of those words that has been taken from it’s historical meaning and modified in it’s intention to fill a need. Traditionally the word energy refers to power such as electricity or nuclear energy. It can also refer to the energy derived from metabolising food. In recent history we have taken this word and applied a third definition to it. When we use the word energy in the context of ‘energy healing’, we’re talking about the energy that creates life itself. Other cultures have specific words for this concept. The Chinese call it ‘Chi’ also translated as ‘Qi’, or ‘Ki’ from Japanese. Indian tradition talks of ‘prana’ and Hawaiian’s refer to ‘Mana’. In ancient Greece it was called ‘pneuma’. In Western culture it has also been called ‘vital energy’ or ‘life force’. All of these words are used to refer to the energy that powers the intelligence that creates life. The life force that makes you alive and defines what life is. Traditional Shamanistic cultures all around the world also recognise that this life force exists in all things, including the Earth and the rocks and the sky. This is the Dreamtime of Aboriginal culture. This is ‘the field’ of modern writings. This field is the fabric of the universe itself.


Whether you have ever contemplated this vital energy or not, you know it intimately. Without it you do not exist. There would be no witness to your life. You physical form would just be individual atoms with no consciousness, and no connection to each other. If there was no vital energy, whether the atoms themselves would even exist is actually open to contention. This vital energy is what drives complexity. It is what defies entropy, the second law of thermodynamics. It is the third ingredient that can take two separate cells (an egg and a sperm), make them one, make them two, make them four, make them eight… make them (approx.) 37.2 trillion interconnected cells of a complex system with the ability to observe it’s own experience of life, i.e. You*.

This vital energy is the stuff your Spirit is made of. It is the energy field of your being that holds the memory and information of all that you have been and all that you are, and believe yourself to be.

The field of vital energy is also holographic in nature. That means each part contains the information of the whole. And every part is connected immediately to every other part. This has significant implications for energy healing, intuition and consciousness.

And this vital energy is intelligent, after all it is the stuff life is made of. Look at the intelligence inherent in life! It is able to maintain balance in complex systems, it evolves and grows, and it is able to heal.

When the vital energy field is disrupted through physical, emotional or spiritual stress and trauma, it disrupts the flow of vital energy and disease and disharmony result.


  1. There is a field of vital energy from which all things arise

  2. This energy is interconnected and intelligent

  3. A person’s personal field of vital energy contains all their experiences, memories, beliefs and inherited patterns

  4. Disturbances in the field of vital energy are ultimately the cause of disease and disharmony

Energy healing modalities therefore work to repair disturbances in the vital energy. They understand that the intelligence inherent in the field will work toward health and healing if you remove the blockages and limitations preventing it from being in it’s natural flow. This is why true healing requires a holistic approach. You can try overriding the signals in the body using ‘medicinal’ drugs, but take those drugs away and symptoms return. There has been no healing. However look at what blockages and imbalances are causing the dis-ease in all levels of the being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, engage conscious awareness, growth, learning and lifestyle changes, and the flow of vital energy can be restored and true healing gained.

Life is about being in a two way conversation with your vital energy, feeling it, listening to it, evolving it and ultimately living in a harmonious flow with it. Which is not to say life becomes perfect in a chocolate box sense of the word perfect. It means that when symptoms arise we know them to be indicators of a deeper level of imbalance. We know them to be opportunities for learning and growth, and we take those opportunities. Growth and evolution do not occur without challenges to overcome, but we can reach a point where we are at peace with the challenges. This is what it means to know there is perfection in every moment. There are no ‘mistakes’ in our health, it is all part of our conscious evolution of life.

(* that’s not including the estimated 10x that number of bacterial cells that exist within you, and without which you’d be dead, but that’s another tangent to this story)

Amy and Michael Harrison

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