It's not you in the driver's seat...

Ever really wondered why two people do exactly the same thing yet have opposite results? Or why two people decide to do the same thing yet only one ever follows through? The simple reason is around 95% of the time we are on autopilot and our autopilot is not programmed to follow what the conscious mind decides or wants. WHAT?! That’s right, just because you think you want to lose weight/relax more/save money/raise your kids mindfully, doesn’t change your autopilot which will be in charge most of time.

You're driven by your subconscious

You know when you're holding an animated conversation while driving home, then you get home and can't remember driving there? The Conscious thinking mind is stuck in the conversation. So who is driving the car? The answer is that our default program steps in. When our conscious mind (which can only focus on one thing at a time) is busy doing something else, our subconscious (which can process vastly more information) steps in to keep us functioning. Neuroscientists now seem to agree that 95% of the time we are processing and operating with our subconscious.

“No problem” I hear you thinking, “we are pretty capable and street smart I’m sure I have developed a very capable, personal autopilot over the years”. WRONG! Much of our autopilot’s programming was written before we turned 7 or in times of intense stress. You see, as adults we function predominately in Beta brain wave activity. The autopilots program is held safely in Theta brain wave activity. Who lives in a state of almost permanent Theta brain wave activity?….small children do. And we were designed that way. To be raised in communities where we were loved by large extended families, raised by loving elders who spoke directly to our wide open autopilot program. We love you, we value you, try again I’m sure you’ll get it this time. They told us stories about our history and programmed us with a sense of belonging and community. As we grew older and our brain activity increased and we had increased roles and responsibility our autopilot was ready and almost complete.

So think about who wrote your autopilot program, how capable were your parents? What type of relationship did they model and therefore program you with? What did your mum or dad believe about money, love, relaxation or sex? What are the values and aspirations your extended family and society added to your program, the religious views you were exposed to? Your schooling? Now this isn’t a witch hunt but think about it.

If you're like the average person you're probably thinking you have a few programs you'd like to erase or tidy up. So how do we rewrite the programs that control our autopilot? Reading that self-help book and deciding to change your behaviour is great, but it only helps 5% of your activity (the conscious mind) The way your brain functions you can only change your subconscious program by directly relating to it. No amount of thinking it through will do the trick because when we are thinking we are in Beta, and to change the program we need to be in Theta.

The good news is there are ways, many healing modalities operate on the subconscious level. Meditation helps in two ways, it allows us to better see the programs, increase the time we are fully conscious and thus overriding the subconscious and it is an excellent way of practicing accessing Theta.

Hypnosis is an excellent way as it works at the Theta level and Kinesiology is another, which when done properly, aligns the brain wave activity to rewrite the programs we no longer need with positive and empowering ones.

Life becomes a whole heap easier if you've got your subconscious programs on side with your conscious dreams and desires. If you're wanting to make big change in your life - get working on your subconscious mind!

Amy and Michael Harrison

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