Why we experience disease

(and what you need to know to heal it)

We are here in our physical bodies, as spirit incarnate on Earth, to learn. That is your purpose, to learn from whatever is in front of you – whatever you are facing, right now.

Our purpose is not to be perfect, it is to be human, and to learn from those experiences we have in our human form. None of us are immune from mistakes and grief and trauma, but they do not define who we are. It is what we become and learn from our experiences that is all that matters. It is one of the great ironies of life that it is often the painful times that offer us the greatest opportunities for growth and learning.

One of the mechanisms our greater Being has to inform our conscious minds that there is something we need to look at, that we need to change and grow from, is dis-ease (and we hyphenate it like that to empathise that we don’t just mean medically diagnosable disease, we mean anything that makes you feel un-ease, that something is not quite right) When we experience dis-ease, we experience it for a reason. Our bodies have these great mechanisms to ensure that we don’t miss out on the opportunities we’re given for learning. As annoying as it is, what we don’t deal with at the time eventually comes back to revisit us. Often in very emotionally wrought and traumatic situations we can’t possibly process the fullness of the experience, and therefore the grace, insight and growth that’s available for us within it. The learning is best accessed with hindsight. But we need triggers to make us look at the stories from our past, or it would be too easy to shelve them away and never get the gift of the learning held within them. And when we do not look at the past experiences and beliefs that we are still unconsciously carrying around what happens? Our bodies experience a sense of dis-ease, and if we don’t look at it and ignore it our Spirit turns up the volume and that dis-ease grows in its intensity. It might start with niggling discomfort; vague fears and anxieties, or pains and discomforts, but the longer we ignore them the more debilitating they become until we’re faced with serious dis-ease of either the body or mind that’s preventing us living our normal lives.

Healing, therefore, is never about just treating the symptoms. Treat the symptoms and as soon as you take the treatment away they’ll return. It’s like taking paracetamol for a headache. The pain might go and you’ll be more comfortable for a while (and fair enough too), but you haven’t treated the cause. It’s the same with putting steroid cream on eczema. As long as you’re using it the discomfort will disappear, but you’re not healing it. Stop the cream and the symptoms return. It’s like removing a weed. Just cut off the part that’s visible above the soil and it will keep growing back. You have to find the roots and pull them up. True healing is the same. It’s not just about making the symptoms go away. It’s about understanding the path that lead to this point, and the layers of stress and imbalance that have built up until we have the expression of symptoms you have today. Shrek said it, ogres are like onions, and so are we. We have layers that need peeling back, and those layers can exist in any of the aspects of our selves. You’ve got to find all the roots of your dis-ease and pull them up. Then the dis-ease will heal.

So where do we find these roots? Now this is the question that never has the same answer twice. You can have two people with near identical symptoms, and the roots will originate from different places. You see, the seeds to dis-ease can be planted in any of the many aspects of our beings, and there’s often more than one contributing factor.

Imagine Nic and Jo. Both present in clinic with digestive disturbances and a growing list of foods they’re intolerant to. Nic had been relatively ok digestive wise until a car accident seven years ago. Since then she has been getting progressively worse. On exploration we discover that there are over-contracted muscles around the spine affecting the nerves that connect to the digestive system. She is also lacking in good gut bacteria from being on the pill since a teenager, which was further compounded by antibiotics she was on to prevent infection in her injuries from the accident. There is also stress through her meridian system from the shock of the accident. Nic has also pushed and abused her body in many ways. Treatment for Nic is going to involve clearing the shock of the accident and the stress in her muscles and meridians, repairing the gut and re-establishing her bowel flora (good bacteria), and helping Nic learn how to love and care for her physical form.

Jo, with the same digestive symptoms, has a completely different history. She has experienced digestive issues and food sensitivities since childhood. Her mother is also described as having a very sensitive stomach. Her parents had a very tumultuous relationship with lots of fighting and screaming. Jo has had a string of bad relationships that never last long. Now in her mid thirties, her food intolerances are getting worse and worse and she’s feeling hopeless. On exploration we find that deep down, Jo believes “Life is intolerable”. This belief of life being intolerable is manifesting in a physical display of food being intolerable. See the link? Hypnotic regression helps Jo realise that she’s inherited this belief from her mother, and that it actually goes back several generations of female ancestors before her. Further exploration takes Jo back to a past life where her spirit was connected to a life as a slave, and Jo remembers the deep feelings of injustice and intolerance at the state of her life which she was helpless to change. Taking Jo through to the Spirit world where she can speak to her guides and gain an understanding of the lessons inherent in that life, see that the spirit of her slave owner in that previous life is her best friend in this life, and find forgiveness and resolution of that past life, as well as releasing the inherited family pattern from her mother’s linage, allows Jo’s body to start healing in this life.

Two cases, the same symptoms, two completely different paths to healing, two very different learnings. This is why we believe there will never be a magic pill to cure cancer or heart disease or any of the other chronic health conditions that affect us. We are each an amazing synergy of a multitude of aspects which make us into the individuals we are. There is our genetic linage; both what we inherit from our physical DNA and what we inherit in terms of beliefs, behaviours and energetic patterns from our ancestors. We have our Spiritual linage; the previous lives our spirits have lived and the energy we are still carrying from past lives that has yet to be healed, as well as the learning and awareness we’ve developed along the way. The spiritual and genetic linage then combine and are influenced and moulded by our childhood experiences and conditioning, our peer group, our community and society in which we live. Our environment, the food we eat, the toxins and chemicals that we passively or purposely ingest all further contribute to our state of health. And the expression of who we are continues to be affected by the conscious choices we make, the work we do, the different energies we surround ourselves with, and the momentous events that unfold along our paths. The roots of dis-ease can be found in one or many of these, and so healing is always a very personal journey of learning and growth, and even our darkest hours can hold illuminating sparks of awareness that unlock the secrets of who and what we are, and why we are here.

This is why, if you are facing chronic disease or recurrent health issues, you need to look at more than just the symptoms you're experiencing. There is a journey for you to take and probably many levels of healing to do. The disease you are experiencing is like your cars warning light letting you know there's something that needs to be dealt with under the hood. Lift the hood!

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