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Sessions with Michael

Are you suffering from issues that seem to have been around forever and just can't shift? Or do you just have the feeling that life should be better, you should be better? I help people clear the blocks, issues and difficulties they are struggling with in life. I also help those who just want to be happier, more emotionally healthy or want the help of a professional with experience in the real world of business and life to be more prosperous, and to reach the goals they seek.


I believe that many of our issues originate in our subconscious which explains why often dealing with the symptoms doesn't work, we need to get to the cause.  


I use hypnotherapy and The Belief Switch to reprogram the subconscious and help you create the life that you want.  We will work at a pace and in a way that works best for you. 

The Belief Switch


When you change your beliefs, you change everything. Clearing your limiting beliefs is the number one priority for clearing the sabotages and blocks holding you back in life; at work, financially, in your relationships and in how you feel about yourself.Neuroscience now suggests 95% of our thoughts and decisions originate at the subconscious level of our mind. Our subconscious beliefs create the perceptual filters through which we interact and respond to life’s challenges and joys. These beliefs have been ‘programmed’ into us predominately in our childhood by our parents, teachers and the events and experiences we witnessed and suffered, whether we understood them or not. It is estimated that in the average person 70% of their subconscious beliefs are either limiting or actively sabotaging their life experience. Using reprogramming methods I am able to help you identify what is holding you back and replace limiting beliefs with supportive, empowering and positive beliefs.


Sometimes the issues are buried deeper and in such cases hypnotherapy is used to unlock the deeper issue. 


I use Hypnoenergetics which is an enhanced form of hypnotherapy that enables access to all that you hold within your conscious, subconscious and higher self. This form of therapy directs you into a state of trance and then guides you to access your own subconscious knowing and inner healer. 


People have very profound experiences remembering events from their early childhood that are long forgotten, and find the part of them that formed in that space and has continued to act out in their lives beyond its original purpose.  They have then been able to reframe that experience from their adult perspective and heal that part. Some people remember being in the womb and what they picked up from that space (both positive and limiting events), and some people even regress to past lives and find emotions and beliefs they have been holding onto and living out from those lives.  I can then enable you to bring your current adult perspective to these events, and some people also connect with their spirit guides and higher self/spirit/soul to understand the context of their experiences and the lessons inherent within them.  We're seeing people have profound and deep healing experiences using these techniques.  Please know you don't need to have any particular spiritual or religious beliefs, and the beliefs you have will be fully respected and supported.  This healing modality can benefit anyone looking for deeper understanding about any issue they're facing in life.  


I will meet you with compassion and understanding and offer you all the tools I have available to me to assist you to access to the deepest levels of understanding and healing within you to help you heal and grow.


Some of the common issues I work with are:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Phobias

  • Addictions

  • Compulsive behaviour

  • Pain

  • Recurring injury

  • Performance enhancement

  • Illness

  • Poor sleep habits

  • Weight issues

  • Abuse

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • Family issues


However often our stumbling blocks don’t fit a neat descriptor, perhaps you just know life should be different, or you feel unfulfilled, you know your perfect job, partner or passion in whatever form is out there but you can’t seem to find it. Together we can access your deeper understanding and find what is holding you back.


I know because I have been there. And I know that when you are ready you can release whatever is holding you back, and together we can move through the issue with wisdom and understanding. 

Initial consultations are 1.5hrs and $175

Follow up sessions are 1hr and $120 or extended follow ups are 1.5hrs and $175

Past life Regressions are 2.5hrs and $275


To book an appointment or ask any questions please book online using the booking form at the bottom of this page or call Michael on 0419 665 681 or email


I work Wednesday and Saturday and other days by request - please call for extra availability.



Past Life Regression with Michael


Past life Regression is also facilitated using hypnotherapy techniques so that you can recall and remember your past lives in a safe and supported way. Michael is one of the only Cairns hypnotherapists trained in Past Life Regression therapy.


There are 3 main reasons we choose to access past lives.


1. To release something that is holding us back. Whether it be a feeling, a phobia or a limiting belief, by finding the source of it we can release it. Times of heightened emotion really imprint on our energetic selves. So having drowned as a young person in a previous time can be the reason one is afraid of water in this lifetime. Being burned at the stake for witchcraft in medieval times is why one woman felt unsafe living a life in accordance with her truth in this lifetime.


2. To retrieve something that serves us. There is a misconception that past life work is all about the difficult times, wrong, we access all of our experience in our energetic body, whether it be a feeling that we need more of in our life today or a belief that helps us stand in our power more easily. So going back and connecting with a time when she was a strong, proud Viking, occupying a powerful body, knowing she knew right from wrong and leading her people bravely yet sensitively allowed one young person to bring those qualities into her very different life as a student in the 21 century. In a very short space of time the client is able to bring that forgotten energy to their current life and then using relatively simple techniques carry it forward in their current life, replacing the fears of uncertainty and self-doubt.


3. To explore for insight and growth. Many of our past lives has messages for us, prompts that help us move forward with greater authenticity and self-awareness. Perhaps witnessing a time we had a closer relationship with our higher purpose, or seeing others that effect our current life interacting with us in the past. There is meaning and insight in all of these interactions, and witnessing, remembering and reframing or putting past events more clearly into context have real implications in our current world. Witnessing a life where his partner died leaving him with the care of their young children was the insight one client needed. After a few techniques to see and release the energetic imprint, the client was able to let go of the debilitating fear that his current partner would leave him.


Past life work is as therapeutic as it is fascinating and the revelations contained in even one experience give opportunity for growth and understanding for the rest of our current life. Having experienced one reframed or released issue our conscious mind is forever and undeniably open to a deeper understanding of the totality of our life. We gain a new view of existence and new explanations for all of the issues in our life and with a little practice we are eventually able to take ourselves back into the past whenever we choose.


A typical session lasts 2.5 hrs and is $275

Cancellation Policy


You can change or reschedule your appointment if you need to up to 24 hrs before your session. However cancellations with less than 24 hours notice often mean that someone else misses out on a session while we are waiting here with our time set aside unable to help anyone. Therefore cancellations or appointment changes with less than 24 hours notice incur a $30 fee. Cancellations within 1 hour of the appointment or failure to show will incur the full session fee. These fees will need to be paid before another appointment can be made. 


About Michael


I have a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and am a Certified Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics, and certified Past Life Regression facilitator.  I have also studied Psych-K and Reconnective Healing. As for the Intuitive work I do, this is not something that has been taught to me, rather it is something that comes to me noetically.  It’s a gift I discovered by ‘accident’. This work is a big leap from my professional life so far which has included being General Manager of a National Theatre Company, and for the last 15 years holding Management and Advisory roles in the mainstream corporate world.  However it is my belief that we must trust what life gives us and this feels undeniably right. I am still learning and discovering what this gift is, and I consider it a great honour to be able to share it with others. 

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