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Do you want to live the best life you possibly can?


Do you want to stop playing out the patterns of your past and free yourself to live the life that you want?


Do you want to understand WHY you do what you do, why you feel how you feel, and really change your subconscious programs to make your life better?


Then you're in the right place.


We are passionate about connecting you with your greater self and the full capacity of your consciousness; about teaching you how to connect your conscious mind to your subconscious to switch off your limiting beliefs, programme empowering ones and create the life that you want; and about showing you the full extent of your conscious by helping you remember through past life regression and facilitating you to journey to the spirit world. 

We offer online courses, face-to-face workshops, past life regression and kinesiology in Cairns using our unique technique The Belief Switch. Therapy sessions with Amy are available in person at our clinic in Brinsmead, Cairns or via FaceTime, phone or Skype. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Available Sessions

Appointments with Cairns kinesiologist 

Amy Harrison are available in person at our clinic in Brinsmead or via Skype, phone or FaceTime.  Amy will help you identify and switch your subconscious limiting beliefs for empowering ones so you can stop your sabotages and live the life that you want

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 Amy Harrison also offers Past life regressions in Cairns. Using hypnotherapy Amy will guide you into a deep trance where you can recall previous times and spaces. Past life regressions are for those interested in personally experiencing spiritual memories as a means of exploring consciousness.

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Or call 0402 759 726


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Other Offerings

The Soul Adventure online guided meditation course

The Soul Adventure is a 12 part online guided meditation course. Each meditation also has a lesson recorded by Amy and Michael to accompany it. You can start it any time (including right now) and have lifetime access to all the meditations and lessons. 

FREE PREVIEW also available.

The belief switch card.png

The Belief Switch


You will learn all about your subconscious, how it is programmed and the power that's unleashed when you learn how to switch your limiting beliefs for empowering ones.

The only way to change your limiting beliefs is to change your subconscious. The Belief Switch is the only program we believe truly and effectively teaches you how to identify your limiting beliefs and switch them for empowering beliefs, giving you the power to reprogram your life. When you change your beliefs, you change everything.

We will resume running The Belief Switch workshops and retreats once our book is published!

Life's greatest adventure

is to discover your true self

and what you are deeply capable of

Now is your time



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I've been working with Michael & Amy for several years both in individual clinic sessions and through completing their various courses including their meditation course (which I did twice in a row because I loved it so much), the muscle testing course and The Belief Switch course.  The thing that I really love about working with Amy

and Michael is that it's not about relying on them to heal me, it’s about them guiding me and teaching me to heal myself. They have given me simple yet powerful tools that I can use anywhere, anytime, and that I plan to be using for as long as I can wiggle a finger to muscle test. This means the healing and growth potential I have in this lifetime are infinite. That is true empowerment. 


Since starting this journey I have gone from never being "still" to meditating every single day. I've seen huge improvements to my health, my relationships with friends and family and most importantly my relationship with myself.  To have identified and changed subconscious beliefs like "I am not worthy of love", "I am not whole and complete as I am" and "I deserve to be punished" has been truly life changing (and these are only a few of the hundreds I have found and switched).  I cannot express in a couple of sentences the full impact this has had, and continues to have, on my life. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone do these courses, or see Michael or Amy, and identify and change your limiting beliefs because this is where change really happens. 


I will forever hold so much gratitude in my heart to Michael and Amy for getting me started on this path, being my guiding light when I needed it and helping me see how powerful and amazing I truly am. - Kellie Kennett

I started seeing Amy when I first moved to Cairns with 2 little kids and a husband who worked long hours and no family or friends for support. I was at the end of my tether and that's when I found her! Thanks to Amy's healings I soon found my inner strength to believe in myself. During this time my son had sessions as well and this truly did help him. 

My daughter and I both experienced healings from Michael as well. I didn't even realize I was being hypnotized and the way he makes you feel safe and secure is absolutely incredible. Michael's healings are so gentle and full of loving support. When I stop and think about it I realise how much my life has since changed. He truly is a wonderful healer.  


I am so grateful to both Amy and Michael for conducting the muscle testing course. This has changed my life. I use muscle testing all the time now, and it has helped to empower me as a healer.


My husband also attended their meditation course and this really was of benefit to him as he had no idea how to meditate before and he really noticed the benefits of meditating after this course. 


Overall I can't thank them both enough for how they have helped change my life (for the better). I have found my soul purpose for this lifetime through both their healings and I am forever grateful. 

- Vernita Hanrahan

Working with Amy and Michael through The Belief Switch has been an absolute gift!  This course and working in clinic with you has given me phenomenal insight into the beliefs I have been running my life on, as well as provide me with tools to change what isn't working for me. It is such a simple and easy process to do too. The Belief Switch is an amazing adventure in exploring the self and creating the life you've always wanted to live. The world would be a much better place if everyone had this in their tool box! One year on and I'm still using The Belief Switch regularly. Life was stagnant and stuck before and now I'm loving my life, being true to myself and life is finally turning out the way I want. Thank you for everything Amy and Michael. The Belief Switch has really got me moving and shaking. Now is the time!

- Kate Maconachie

Thanks Amy and Michael. The Belief Switch truly is an amazing experience. When the process is followed correctly it really does change your life for the better in so many ways - and it is so limitless! 

- Marvin Fischer

Michael and Amy, thank you. Even though you say you don't help me (you help me help myself) I'm just so unbelievably grateful that you're so good at what you do. I can't begin to explain how much I have learnt, gained and experienced since meeting you both. You have opened my heart and eyes to so much more than I thought possible. 

- Krystal Fischer

Together Amy & Michael create the perfect team. They have both opened my eyes & my heart to a whole new journey. It began with kinesiology sessions with Amy. I can't tell you how many times I've left Amy's presence feeling more than calm, as if a literal weight has been removed from me. Michael took me through my first ever past life regression, once again my mind was opened to the endless possibilities and potential for this life here on earth! But together, Amy & Michael create magic. The Soul Adventure followed by The Belief Switch have been the missing link for me in life. Together they have combined their knowledge to share and I can't thank them enough.

- Kate Hearne

Michael and Amy are both warm and friendly and they teach something from their own personal experiences and it works. They are both passionate about what they teach and they do it very well.

- Michael Alba

I wish I was a better writer to express fully what I have learnt and the transformation I've been through working with Michael and Amy. Each is unique in their skill and The Belief Switch workshop was truly a revelation. Now I just want to shout to the world "Just do it!"

- Pascale Gerson



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